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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Playing Recruiter: Another Day at Work

So I land up in a dealership that is in the middle of a recruitment drive. I join in to help the team there. 2 ads in ABP and 165 people show up for the recruitment process. Kind of reminded me of campus interviews about a year or so back and what I find myself in again in not the very distant future again.
Job market at the ground level also is not in a great shape. You get to meet people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds in the process of screening applications. Not everyone as shaped for an interview process, not everyone who knows what to say what not to say, a few terribly nervous, a few as cool as ever. Different people with different ways to tackle questions asked. End of the day, all aiming for a job, all in need of a job. Few wishing to shift, few looking for their first break, few know what they are doing, even fewer pretending to know what they did.
One things for sure, its not an easy job to evaluate people. The experience sure helps me look a little bit more kindly at the HR departments that have to go through the process of recruitment as a part of their job, month after month, year after year.
A host of good candidates, some young, some very young and a few a little bit too old. A good round of initial screening raises hopes for deployment of quality manpower. All a part of a long term effort to improve the quality of sales force that can sell more vehicles. Heading out of a year that can be best described as turbulent and moving into one that has high aspirations set in an industry that is suffering from some severe supply chain effects duly cascaded cut throat race for billing figures and market share. Product launches, high decibel ads, BTL activities, Brand image, sponsorships and yet nothing that can be a single handedly show you the way for a successful product handling.
Moving ahead in a shaky environment where things have been booming in and out for quite some time now, it is a difficult task to handle channel partners. At the company you have various parameters to look at to review and plan a month:- MS, Industry, Brand movements, Volume, Activation results. At dealerships its just one: absolute volume, this multiplied by margin per vehicle to get the net profit.
It is difficult to push greater sales in a conversation with the dealer, if the volume doesn’t match expectations.  So much so on the day you are speaking. These are times you go back to basics. Implement process parameters, standardize systems, benchmark methods and draw out an action plan. Not all actions have a direct impact on volume. But these are what we call hygiene factors, necessary but not sufficient conditions for establishing a better environment to work things out.
Of course all these are imperfect tools. No certain way to determine or justify that what worked exceedingly well in a particular region will work in other regions as well. But it is the nearest approach at mimicking something that works and hope to mimic the results as well. Install best practices, map processes and fix the system to yield results. However this is all in conjunction with problem identification and root cause analysis. Best practices are basically a blanket cover. Implement everything that you see and hope some of it will address your problem areas. Unless you know which are your problem areas you are measuring very different results and tuning down the efficiency in tune with a blanket process.
Manpower recruitment to fill slots proved to be useful in benchmark dealerships, is one such approach. Lets hope we hit a few significant problem areas this time and not blame the results to blanket approaches.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Unusually Tough Week

And so a week ended. Yet another week that ended abruptly. A very eventful week though. Not necessarily a very meaningful one but nonetheless eventful.
So looking back at it now, quite a few things happened. A Zonal level Dealer meet with all dealers and who's who of the company, a press launch with an impressive attendance, loads of preparation, confusion, optimism, tiredness and last but not the least relief. To end it all, I merge into a sea of people who rush from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar the moment they see a holiday on Monday! I mean seriously, all trains buses everything full!! Gives me an entirely new perspective of Holi as a festival.
And so life goes on. Two very important events for the company got concluded in the week. Both of them well organized and went through pretty well. Dealers met with renewed optimism. Some high energy presentations by top management helped in infusing confidence in dealerships. All this accomplished navigating through a grand confusion of files and event managers and hotel managers. So all’s well that ends well. Message well delivered, dealers head back with high confidence, good level of optimism. Hope this translates into good business in a year ending month.
So what followed were hopes of going home. Saturday, Sunday and Monday; three consecutive holidays, extremely captivating for a lot of people from Kolkata to rush back to Odissa. So after a extremely callous move to cancel a confirmed prized Volvo ticket, I realized I was too most extent doomed. All trains running on wait lists of 200s, Tatkal wait list of 100s and the mode of communication of last resort, BUS overcharging by a minimum of Rs.100 and booking tickets for Standing. I walk up to a non ac bus conductor and ask him fares for the next day. The guy quotes Rs.400. My first reaction, dude seriously!! Asked you fare for Non ac ticket, not AC. Calmly the guy answers, sir this is the only time in the year that we make money. ;) Imagine that.
So I manage a ticket for the next day in a AC bus and head back to my boarding place, feeling sad in parts and optimism in bits. At least I have a ticket for the next day. Saving grace. Next day was work as usual. Run to office to make it in just on time. Carefully stare at the face reader till it says thank you and acknowledges your attendance in the office. Even more carefully look at the time. That shows you exactly how much time you need to delay your check out so that you don’t lose salary. After this you walk into the office, switch on your laptop, check you mails. Start followup with dealer principals, then their managers then their command area managers and finally look around to see no one is watching you when you are so disappointed with no results going you way. A few additional reports and insights and then you are done for the day. Rushed back home, packed my bag and headed back to Babughat. More confident this time with a ticket in hand I start early and opt for the cheapest way to reach the Bus stop; a metro followed by a local bus. So I navigate my way through the long queue of buses traveling to a host of places I finally find my way to my bus. Not the happy ending you would expect, the bus refuses to start. Mechanical failure in the fuel system it seems. So some how the mechanic manages to fix the bug and get things in place. Some good news runs through when the driver starts the engine. So ended a hectic week, me dozing off in the dingy bus only to be periodically awoken by the jerky suspension.
Hoping for a more interesting week with a few results going my way too. Not so eagerly awaiting arrival of THE ENVELOPE. No one seems to have any news of where it is. Sloppy work.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Immortals and The Nagas

It was early January this year that I happened to walk into an Odyssey book store on Indiranagar. Purely random act, didn't find any other place more appropriate to go into on that day. Went through different sections, looked into books about icons like Jobs and Gates and then figured I would probably get bored trying to read about people who managed to be insanely successfully doing a bunch of things in ways that contradict each other. So dropped the idea. It was then that I spotted a book in light green cover page. The title read Immortals of Meluha.
The cover page called for some serious respect. Embossed was the back view of a warrior, the one that goes by the name of Shiva.. The one that would redefine history in a way that he was considered to be a God, an avatar of the legendary Lord Rudra. But was he really a God or just a battle hard Himalayan native who happened to have a random chemical reaction to a mysterious chemical reaction and a host of people waiting for an event of immense historical significance, the fulfillment of The Prophecy, crowned him to the position of the Neelkanth, the savior.
This take at the re positioning the Legend of Lord Shiva into an actual human being who rose to fame and as a warrior and earned the respect of one and all by his deeds was a novel concept.
The book is a masterpiece in its own right. The author binds the readers in a spell that dates back to ages and reflects upon the times when Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis were in conflict with one another. Both saw the others culture as derogatory and claimed that theirs was the order Lord Ram had wanted.
Suryavanshis depicting the perfect world, the perfect system in which efficiency is the way of doing things. Every thing proper, no injustice, the army highly skilled and able, people being appointed to different positions by ability.
Chandravanshis had no such rigid norms, freedom and liberty were the order of the day. The system had to be accompanied by its corresponding flaws and inefficiencies. It was not a single kingdom but a federation, with individual kings having their own autonomy. A system that manifested poverty, and lack of intensive planning and system of sons following fathers in occupation had led to inefficiencies in the system.
There lies a perception that both these nations wanted each other wiped off the face of the planet but none had the courage to move in for a major war and suffer the causalities.
The suryavanshis being technically more advanced waited for a symbol and stayed on the defensive. Know one knows what happened on the other side of the border. They waited for the symbol, the prophecy to come true, for Neelkanth to walk and show them direction.
The first book thus deals with how an ordinary village chief fed up with battles in the forests of Himalayas becomes the Nellkanth, sees the Meluhan form of life, believes in their perspective and sees the world through their glass. Recognizes evil, proceeds to what he must, destroy evil, only to realize in the end that there is no such thing as good or evil. What he sees in a poor sadhu sitting by the street in the Chandravanshi capital changes his perspective of life and he realizes that he still has a long way to go to stand up to the reputation of the Neelkanth.
The second book majorly deals with the Nagas. The Secret of the Nagas had great expectations on it. Thinking about a Shiva trilogy, one unmistakably thinks of how the concept of Ganesha and Kali and the likes of those were to be brought into the picture. We are talking of Shiva as a human, how does one show a  Ganesha with an elephant like head in this interpretation. It is from this perspective that the concept of Nagas, the group of deformed individuals outcaste by society comes into relevance. The Naga territory was out of limits. How to reach them, how to come back, no one knew. Everyone feared them but no one spoke of them. A complete mystery till the end.Treated as villains from both the major players in the subcontinent, no one basically knew how they operated. Huge figures, yet extremely skilled warriors. Even the mighty combination of Shiva and Parvathi had trouble fighting the Lord Of The People.
The book explores the perspective of Nagas as Chandravanshis and Suryavanshis unite to fight evil under the leadership of the mighty Neelkanth. Instances come into loght that completely redefine the identity of the Nagas. Yet another lesson for the Neelkanth, who or what is evil? How do I destroy evil when I dont know of its existence. The epic journey of Shiva trying to live out a balance between the prophecy and his search for truth and understanding the concept of good and evil.
An awesome story told in a very fascinating manner giving a completely novel dimension to a mythical legend. A must read for anyone who thinks Indian mythological fiction has nothing much to offer. This will surely be an eyeopener.
Waiting for the release of the third book already.
Har Har Mahadev!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How I met Pappu...

Profile name: Padmakumar Nair
(Too big a name, we shall, as everyone does, call him Pappu and not as some do, Padma)
Well I came late into EEE and didn't know a lot of folks other than the ENI guys from CH5(which later moved to CH2)
Pappu was one of the EEE guys who I had no clue exsisted till after Madman introduced us one day. Madman was always the peoples person. he probably knew every single one of the 600 odd people in campus :-/
Anyways I knew this awesome guy called Pappu for the first time in any proper sense when we the two of us got through to IIT Delhi for summer internship in summer 2010.
Since then we have been good friends.
So what counts here is the road to good friends.
Well Delhi ws kind of different for the two of us. We went their on different schemes(\India/ we have so many schemes here :-*) He was getting paid, I wasnt(although I got paid later \Monica mam/) His project had a lot of TRW component in it and I was to write things in Matlab and make sure they work with good results.

The two of us had to cover most visitable parts of Delhi in a matter of some 6 weekends. So Pappu used to do most of the planning, I used to make sure we end up where we are suppose to end up. :-)
In any case we only knew 1 bus route. Take a bus to Parliament area(now forgot what that was called also :P) then hop on to metro from there.
In the thryst to cover the parliament and rastrapathi bahwan on one particularly hot sunny weekend, we had a sudden change of plans. We did the stupidest thing that could be ever expected(as time would say, later on this would only look like one of the many stupid things we did in what ever time we had left after that in college). We went out marching the whole area at mid day.
Direct challenge to the Delhi heat. Open area, plenty of room for hot winds. Come knock us down if you have it in you. The two of us luckily made the whole way from Rastrapathi Bhawan to India Gate and back in the sun without falling prey to the mighty sun. We prefered seeing it as we got stamina!!!
He then introduced e to Manish. And we made a trip to Dehradun and stayed at Manish place. \m/ hospitality there. Manish drove all around his town and showed us most places worth watching in Dehradun and Mussorie. Good time. Getting drenched in the rain was like the best thing that happened to us in those 2 months. Although we came from Goa, a place where it rains at free will, Delhi had us begging for rains. We were even immensely satisfied with the dust storms that happened. It was under these circumstances that we got drenched in Mussorie and got wet in Dehradun.
Pappu has a strange relationship with rains. It never rains when he is in a place for a decent period of time, It rans the day he leaves the place. Same happened n Delhi too.
And then there was PNG who dropped by one day. he wanted to see iitD from the inside. So we took him on a round trip and got questioned by the guard and drew completely uncorrelated conclusions out of his stories.
Back to laughing like mad people in some corner of iitD campus(which by the way is really huge!!!)

We did a lot of other funky stuff too. Tried taking pics of peacocks with extremely bad resolution cameras. Showed people ways n the road even though we were ourselves clueless, went to chandini chowk without a clue that the big red thing on the right is actually The Red Fort, went out to coffee shop asked for coffee, shokeeper says we have 9 types of coffee, we say give us the cheapest ones :P walk all the way to ice cream shop and then decide ice cream lite we drink lassi today, see library on day1, make resolve to go there everyday, never go there again :P
Awesome fun.. \m/

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The return of Sourav Ganguly

The last match of Pune Warriors marked the return of one of India's most successful captains into active cricketing action. Having had his share of dark patch in the Indian team, earlier this year Sourav was given a thumbs down at the IPL auction in Bangalore. The event, described by most team owners as a consequence of auction dynamics almost marked the demise of his cricketing career. Just a couple of days prior to inking the contract with Pune Warriors, Sourav was spotted in the audience watching a KKR match, the team which he captained in the first and third editions of IPL. Helping out all the conspiracy theories, KKR has actually done very well with a completely revamped team that did not feature Sourav as a player for the first time. The anger in the KKR fan club was pretty clear after the auction. The winning surely has helped them regain at least a segment of the great cricket crazy city of Kolkata.
It was Pune's match no.3 after signing Sourav and they sure were in a pretty desperate state of affairs with most big names either not clicking or clicking when it didn't make a difference to anyone. Sourav stepped into the ground in the black jersey when the team desperately needed a win to stop its decently long losing streak. Dada didnt play a dashing innings like that of Gayle or a master knock of class like those of Sachin. He only did what was necessary to pull Pune out of the abyss. A patient knock of 32 off 32 balls. That was all it took him to make sure Pune win, this at a time when star batsman Robbie managed and Captain Yuvraj had a unexpected 1. Not very sure why the Pune owners got him this late into the competition but he sure goes on to show what his standards of experience can do to the morale of the team. Even in his not so great knock of 32, he had some of his classic shots that only showed everyone how much class is left in his bat.
I just hope he carries on scoring runs with the fluency and grace that he was once respected for and prove what the likes of Kallis, Dravid and Warne have gone on to show: Do not count out senior players for they are old, it is their experience that makes all the difference.

Movies in theates in Bangalore!!!

30 days to go..Bangalore

Its May now. Close to 4 months of PS-2  over. Approaching the final leg of the cherished programme of providing students with industry experience is about to get over in a months time now. How much has the course achieved its objective will be a story left for some other day to talk about. For now, lets just focus on the well diversified 4 months stay here in the Silicon City of India, Bangalore.
It all started back in Jan 5, 2011, registration for PS2 programme in a building that doesn’t even have the number written anywhere. They do have a nice glass plated board inside, but then one needs to know where the building is in order to go inside. Probably the BITS people just assumed they are famous enough to be located. The auto guy who took me to the place had contrasting opinions though. Well I managed to reach there somehow, 2 hours before time. Little did any of us realize that it would probably be the last time when more than 300 bitsians would be gathered together for a united purpose.  Well then there was the news of leaked CAT results around the same time. Either ways, about 10 am we got to meet out Faculty incharge. She gave, well, quite a detailed introduction of herself followed by a even better detailed instruction on dos and don’ts  as a part of PS2 programme. We were a group of 16 people, divided equally from both campuses. In the middle of it, one of the taller folks from pilani gets caught talking with some one else. Little did any one realize that this guy was to become the center of entertainment and as many put it the one responsible for holding the 16 together as well a reasonably unified bunch. The guy is called Essan.
The days that followed were full of enthusiasm. Texas Instruments India Bangalore is a place that can hold any fresh engineer awestruck. Nothing different with me either. I took my time to let it sink in. Its a big place, with cool posters of 25 years of completion in India and people moving swiftly al over the place from canteen to their cubes with coffee in their black cups.  Mind find it silly, but coffee mugs is something I was pretty happy to see. I must say they were to a large extent responsible to create an awesome impression of the company in my mind. The rest of the day wasn’t really all that significant. A lecture by a HR guy from XL and the HR responsible for BITS PS programme was pretty much all that happened. There were a few from other colleges too. I won’t talk a lot about the work at TI except stating that it is good although might get a bit tiring and boring in patches. The rest of it cannot be disclosed on confidentiality grounds. J
The group as such has been real fun. From long hours at texins to threads on the PS2 Google group to FB chat on TI intern group in the evening. One of the interns (ex-Dojma) decided boredom is just too boring to sustain. He started writing, what he called his way of looking at things with a touch of humor and creativity. The articles were written to be strictly TI PS2 confidential. The articles were well circulated amongst a lot of non TI PS2 interns as well as folks sitting back on campus. All this was done without any prior permission from the author.  Not sure how the author feels about it, but he sure made a lot of people laugh. This particular Dojma dude is called Rithvic.
A lot is to be credited to timing in TI PS2 intern group. The whole thing just worked out in a way that at one point it was the treat a week scheme. The group always found a reason for some one or the other to host a treat for the greater good of the group. Good time exploring the whole of food court at BTP. Its called Escape Mall. Although it only has a few food counters and a couple of foreign exchange counters alongside a bank, its still called a Mall. The food at Escape happened to catch up with a few people who ended up going there every other day. The contribution of TI canteen to this is still to be analysed.
The months that followed were hard work in the office, newspaper in the evening, and Cat classes in the weekends. The CAT classes were something that ended up defining a significant number of weekends.  Well not all that a waste of time as a lot of my fiends who went to places near and far during those weekends put it as. Surely, it’s a business. Train the people so that they crack interviews. Their objective is kind of like the old proverb: You can take the horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink. Their role was to take us close to the water. And our part supposedly was to drink all we can cause apparently the interviews are of a very dehydrating nature. Well there are some issues here. They don’t actual take you to the water , that would be spoon feeding. They just give you like a 100 different paths to reach the water body, and hope that you make it to the water body by at least 80 out of them. Most people end up traversing at best 20-30 out of those 100. J Experienced faculty, graduates from the best management institutes in the nation, turn up to show you the path they traversed to make it to where they are now. All that said and done, the results finally boil down to 2 factors. How much do you actually know, and how much of that can you sell to the panel in the interview hall.
A lot happened in the world during this time. From the crisis in West Asia that started the collapse of nation after nation to the still ongoing crisis in Libya, a lot of people were dying and a lot of nations were rewriting history.  What this meant to me from interview perspective was that I was supposed to know why something happened, and what could have been done to avoid it and what could be the consequences. Even though I happen to be an ordinary guy who lives in a 3 sharing PG somewhere in Bangalore, which apparently doesn’t come under Dominozs home delivery map even though it’s a 20 min walk from the shop, I am required to know all the happenings in considerable detail to prove to the panel that I am a well informed guy. Actually, so much was happening all around, there was this one point when all I could do was think, is this all happening because I have an interview in a weeks time?
Once that phase was done with, I was like ok, it’s a weekend, no CAT class, what am I suppose to do now. :-/
Well thankfully, there is this awesome guy called Pappu who is always there to help out confused souls like me who have nothing to do on weekends. He dropped by a few times. After a long series of failed plans to agree on where to go out and what to do on a weekend, we ended up with lets go for a movie, we will figure something out next week. Owing to certain constraints, the lets go to a movie this weekend, has finally converted into movie a week!!  Some really awesome movies we covered in decently good theaters at reasonable prices. Well, so to say the price was something we had to make sure we get the best deal in. So we always go for the Saturday morning show. As one of my friends put it, if there had been a cheaper show on the weekend morning may be a couple of hours earlier, the bitsian representation in it would still remain unchanged.
A few of the guys who were here in Banglaore last sem decided that Goa isn’t just the same as Bangalore. So in the name of writing entrance tests for prestigious(or not so prestigious) PSUs they ended up in Bangalore. It was good to have forged a few broken alliances. You never know when you can actually find the guys you shouted at and then ran away to save yourself from getting beaten up by them under the same roof still laughing like only they can. It was nice to have been with the likes of Iris and Guru bhai. Fun filled 3 years, almost the same number of years of claiming collective responsibility to messing up even the simplest of things in the name of acquiring knowledge. From the issue of laughing, how can I possibly miss out n mentioning good old PNG. He dropped by Banaglore for some 3 days for his IIM interviews but ended up laughing like mad people in the middle of the road with me. B-)
And then there were a few good things too. IPL RCB vs MI LIVE!!!! Awesome feeling. The green grass cover on the ground is just worth it. That combined with Sachin scoring a comfortable half century. \m/
And then there was Dum Maro Dum evening show followed by dinner at Oye Amritsar at brigade. A good hindi movie to watch after such a long time. And then it was on Goa. Bad stuff agreed but Goa!!!! Both awesome events. Just one thing in common dogs. The streets that lead to my place have a lot of stray dogs. At 11:40 in the night, when there are just dogs and well you on the road. It does get a lot scary. Good for me, the dogs seemed to have recognized me a fair deal seeing me in the sunlight. Else would have had to end up running on the roads with some 25 dogs behind me. 
One month to go. Some will leave Bangalore to go off to other places, some will stay back and pursue better opportunities. In either case the last days always seem to hurt the most. The disintegration that started a year back will take final shape on June 17. A whole batch of 600 people walking their separate ways, not knowing if their paths will even ever cross again. The BITSAA tagline goes: Once a bitsian, always a bitsian. Trusting the tag, it should not take very long before this happens but till then lets see how things turn out.

Monday, March 7, 2011

World Cup 2011, Cricketmania begins

The world cup 2011 began with a lot of fanfare and hype. Experts and cricket gurus all over the world predicting this is the year for the men in blue to shine and rise to lift the trophy that has alluded the largest cricketing nation for over 2 decades now.
Talking of Cricket India, I still remember those late night one day internationals in Dubai where India used to sweat it out with the likes of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Me curdled up on the couch with mom and dad following every single delivery and praying to the almighty to restrict the opposition runs and help the likes of Srinath and Prasad to strike. Thinking back at those days, cricket just doesnt seem to be the same. May be its just that I have grown up a bit and started looking at things a bit differently. May be the Blue shirt is not a reason enough to cheer for the way I used to those days. May be now I think and predict a bit of what might happen at the end of 50 overs rather than hoping for some miracle to save the so called blue blooded team.
Now coming back to the World Cup, Team India has already started giving people the scare of a first round knockout. The inability to dismiss bangladesh to score a mighty victory in game 1 showed that Indias bowling department lacks intensity. The same bangladesh got mauled by West Indies a couple of matches later. No one would have imagined a draw (excepting Mr Warne) with over 300 runs on the board. The team had almost lost hope against England until Zaheer picked up those amazing wickets. And finally Ireland, walked into the match with the Legend killer tag on them after beating England. They did give a good fight, challenging an Indian batting line up that was for once regarded as strong enough to overlook the lack of firepower in bowling. The big names crumbld down in confusion and pressure. May be a bit of overconfidence involved but they crumbled nonetheless. And this was a minnow, Ireland. Imagine if it was a fierce bowling attack of Australia or Pakistan.
Pakistan for once was not a favourite on many a books coming into the worldcup. But the magic arm of Afridi has been spelling success for the team. India had their find in terms of Yuvraj Singh who bagged the man of the match against Ireland and is finding his touch as a bowler. Captain Dhoni surely will have to weigh his options carefully now on to pickup a balanced side and prove that the team is worthy of the hype surrounding it and the prayers of a billion people who want to see them win like champions.
Such efforts have been lacking till now but hopes are still high that Team India will perform when it counts the most.
Hoha India, aayya India.

Was NEWS always this happening??

This comes at a time when following the NEWS has become more of a necessity than a habit. Every second day the newspaper seems to be a the best invention ever made. So much of info coming down from so many channels and priorities change every second day. The Thomas case of today was only a side article yesterday. Egypt  took the centre pages for so many days and now hardly finds any mention anywhere Pakistan finds it very convenient to have headlines dedicated for weeks together on a supposed American diplomat shooting two armed thugs, but Blasphemy related assassinations hardly stay on the front page for more than a day. Irrespective of the type of news, it all seems equally important.
This makes me wonder, was news always this important. Surely the past 2 months have been really seen a lot happening. The Arab revolution is not something one would see everyday. But then on all previous years also, there must have been news with content as strong as this. There would have been people at the stage that I am on now, and would they also have been taking the news that seriously then. Something tells me yes. But why is it that I feel that things weren't moving so fast a year back. I believe I had taken all efforts to keep myself decently informed to what was happening around me but it was never like now that every single piece of information seems to affect the nation as a whole in the near or distant future.
Was it just my myopic vision, or the fact that the significance of those events escaped me? Or are the circumstances now driving me to believe that I stand today at a point where everything around me is actually happening with far reaching consequences?
Guess only time will answer it for me. For now the question remains unanswered, was news always this happening.

Monday, February 7, 2011

And the incident takes a political colour...

A pretty common statement to hit the news after any significant incident that happens any where in the great democracy of India. Are we really concerned with implementation of justice or is finding fault in the opposition party that is all that is left to do?
The news of a communal conflict comes up from somewhere, and the next thing one sees on the screen is  that a leading member of some political party at the doorstep of the victims, sympathizing with the affected. If only it was carried out with proper sense of humanity. The very next moment they start off the process of slandering each other. What follows is a long drawn legal battle and setting of innumerable number of commissions whose decisions keep pending for years together. And whenever they come out, it is highly probable that they get rejected if its not in favour of the government.
Why is it that the whole nation gets so easily swayed in the waves of politics aimed at promoting vote-bank politics? Why is it that justice gets delayed for years together and all that anyone remembers of the event is that so and so political party was involved and should be tried.
Lets look at the case of Gujrat Riots. All one hears today  is if Narendra Modi gets evicted or not? If his highly rated image as Mr. BJP and hindutua really a hype? Exactly how much of the credit of the flying colours of Gujrat goes to him? Its only a marginal section that still wanders if justice was actually served to the victims. How many of them actually received the declared compensations and how many of them are still locked up under acts like POTA and the like whose voices have been silenced for possibly forever.
Move on to Kashmir, India fights battles in Kashmir. Hundreds of Army personnel have sacrificed themselves to protect the motherland. The same Kashmir rose not so long ago to protest against alleged human right violations by the INA. They took to the roads to protest against the Govt. of India. Its been more than 60 years, and the people have not seen any significant progress in the direction of long term resolution of a better and well established kashmir. Thousands of Army personnel occupying public infrastructure in the name of security. How are the students to go to school and the sick go to hospitals? Public unrest going to heights that the government had to call in the Army to conduct flag march to impose peace. Who would like to live in the heavens with soldiers scanning every second person on the roads. And what comes out of it? Political parties blaming each other again. Each pointing out faults in the others policies during their point in governance. And even after that you have BJP wanting to go and hoist the National flag in the name of national integrity.
Is our democracy this dysfunctional that all that is left of us is to complain. Whatever happened to the factor of constructive settlement for the greater good of the society? When is the nation going to delve out of this crab attitude that is pulling itself into the quick sand.
Scams after scams coming into the picture. No strong action have been approved yet. All that is in full form is ample finger pointing at the scams that took place under each others terms. Politics is all that is colouring the nation? Progress associated with it still dismal. Its about time the colouring actually amounts to some progress, some gain of pace in settling of cases, a little bit reduction in poverty and improvement in living standards of the people of the fastest growing democracy in the world.